Book Writing, in Macro

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32 lbs of fabric arrived today. Mostly backings, and some beautiful fat quarters to incorporate into my piecing. Writing a book, so far has been an adventure of the hurry up and wait variety. Then, of course, when the waiting is over, and the light switches to green, it’s a mad dash to the finish line.

I’m in the dashing part. Here’s a little bit of what my world looks like right now.




  1. 1
    Kathy says:

    Such a wild adventure! Oh the fun you are having. ;) Don’t forget to come up for air.

  2. 2
    Patti Hayes-Smith says:

    I am guessing fabric designing? Congrats! Live Tula too
    Thanks for the chance

  3. 3
    Gaye Mathusek says:

    Love your aesthetic…cant wait for the book.

  4. 4
    Ali says:

    Congrats on the book and being a designer for Moda!! Way to go!!!

  5. 5
    Jillian says:

    That is a ton of fabric. How fun for you!

  6. 6
    *LyndiLou* says:

    Look at all the fun you’re having. :D I love the pictures! Congrats again! <3

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