Introducing Meadowbloom!


Say hello to Meadowbloom! I designed this line to be happy, and springy, and all the beautiful vibrant colors that remind me of a huge field of wildflowers. I also included a text print of one of my favorite poems in the whole wide world–it’s even on a big chalkboard in my studio!

Between the poem, and the wildflowers, I remembered an experience we had last summer as a family, and that became my “story” for Meadowbloom. Wanna hear?


“Once, while driving through the canyon near our home in the Rocky Mountains, my family got a little antsy. We decided to pull the car off at the next available space and wander for a few moments. Those few moments were a breathtaking blessing, as we stumbled upon a wide open vista of panoramic views and beautiful blossoming wildflowers.


The bickering stopped, the grouchiness faded, and we all took in the majesty of what nature had offered us. Meadowbloom is a reflection of this experience, reminding me that beauty, peace, and serenity can be found in any situation. As the saying goes, bloom where you are planted!”


If you’re a shop owner, Meadowbloom is available now through your Moda rep–ask to see it! It ships in August, just in time for end of summer sewing! I’d love to know when you place your order so I can keep track of who has Meadowbloom in their shop–people ask me all the time where my fabric is carried–I’d LOVE to tell them to pay you a visit! Email me and let me know!

If you’re a fabric-a-holic and can’t wait to get your hands on this sweet little bundle, call or visit your local shop and ask to make sure they order it! Orders placed before the middle of May will be sure to get filled, so don’t miss out!

I’ve been working on patterns to go along with Meadowbloom, and I can’t wait to start showing them off–just a bit more tweaking here and there…soon, soon!

I hope you LOVE it!



PS I MIGHT be doing a quick little Meadowbloom giveaway over on Instagram for you and a friend–you’ll be the only one (besides me!) in the world who has some! Head on over and follow me @amrosenthal :)


A summer skirt.

20130410-Fabric I bought-001

I bought this a little bit ago so I could make myself a summer skirt. I’m still collecting more pieces of raspberry and mustard voiles, but when I get enough, this skirt is going to be amazing. Now, I just have to figure out who I can borrow a serger from so  I don’t have to finish all the edges with a zig zag stitch. That just might make me crazy.

Are you collecting any fabric for a project?



PS I forgot to tell you when I put the May Block up. It’s back on the 31st. It was a learning experience, for sure. :) Link here.

Fabric In My Stash: Volume 1

20130416-Fabric I bought-004

Check out the pretty fabrics I got on sale at Pink Castle Fabrics a week or two ago! Brenda was clearing out a bunch of my favorite line EVER, Hope Valley, so I had to scoop up some of that of course.  I’m proud of myself for showing restraint. I really wanted to buy it ALL. Don’t they look pretty stacked in color order like that? Seriously, I could just stare all day.

20130416-Fabric I bought-003

I snagged a couple oldies, but goodies, from Violet Craft, Joel Dewberry, and Anna Maria Horner.

20130416-Fabric I bought-002

Also this cute strawberry print that is just begging to be made into a darling little blouse for Lily.

I may have purchased a little of one Hope Valley print to back my Farmer’s Wife quilt, when it gets done, someday. Or a lot. Maybe like ten yards-ish.

20130416-Fabric I bought-005

What was that about restraint?


In other news, I have been off refined/processed sugars for 9 days now, and I can honestly say I don’t miss them. Hoping it will help with my weight loss goals. (Can’t hurt, right?) Plus, overall health is a great bonus, too.

What’s new in your stash?? Purchased any fabric lately? Are you a recovering sugar addict like me? Anything else you want to chat about?

I’ve been talking to five-year-olds all day, and as fun as that is, I wouldn’t say no to some good old grownup talk. Plus, my legs are SO SORE from the workout my friend had us do yesterday at the gym, that I might just be in this chair all afternoon–or at least until a kiddie soccer game comes-a-callin’. Deep Blue, here I come.


PS I’m updating my blog look soon, so don’t be startled if it looks different the next time you visit. I’m working on making some things easier to find :)

[Studio Sunday]


Sharing a little snippet of something I’m working on, fabric in my stash, or something on my longarm–because every Sunday needs a little inspiration. What’s inspiring you today?



PS I scored big time yesterday at Lizzy House‘s studio sale. Big time.

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