A surprise {fast and easy} quilt for Great-Grandma

We had no idea what to give her for Christmas.

Especially because she was quite adamant in saying she didn’t want anything (which is of course not acceptable).

She doesn’t need anything.

But she’s always cold.

Turns out, that, I know how to fix.

A darling layer cake of American Jane’s Fairy Tale Friends (thanks Moda!) some really snuggly backing, and a few hours later?


She loved it.

“Oh, I’ve just never felt something so soft!”

It just might have been the only gift that got her to smile this year.

But I might be biased.

It now lives on her bed along with the matching pillowcase.

That, my friends, is what quilting is all about.





So. I have a black love seat. I don’t love it, but it does the job and is only a few years old. This week, it got a bit of cosmetic surgery, in a botched kind of way.

Yes, that’s a hole. Made by a 3-year-old. With a pair of mommy’s sewing scissors. I’m just glad no hair or digits were cut off.

I can’t really be mad about it, because I seem to recall my own indiscretion when I was about 15. It had to do with an iron and my mom’s new couch. Any guesses what happens when a hot iron is set down on a polyester couch for a few minutes?

An iron shaped hole, that’s what.

My mom? I think she was channeling a saint, because all she did was laugh and flip the couch cushion over. Her only comment? “Don’t tell Dad.” (I should really check with my mom and see if she has a picture of that.)  So, being mad about the hole is out, and karma is real.

The good news? My couch gets a makeover. The bad news? I have no idea how to do it. I need suggestions. Do I slipcover it? Reupholster it? If so, how do I do that? Help!

my future home

Okay, not really. But don’t I wish.Yesterday I helped out with the preschool field trip to a local apple orchard. And seriously? I just wanted to pick up my stuff and move on in. Not only was it beautiful, but there was open air, space to breathe, and of course trees and apples as far as the eye could see. Beyond that? Mountains. I always tell Jacob that I just want to plop down a house in the middle of nowhere, but close enough to civilization to not run out of gas before I get there. Somehow I think creativity must be incredible in a place like that. I feel so inspired when I’m there for 5 minutes, I can only imagine living there. Plus, that porch? Those rocking chairs? Perfect for some hot cocoa and a nap quilt. Sigh.Anyone want to visit when I move in? ;)


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Over the moon.

I got a sweet little gift this week.

“Look Mommy! I made you a quilt!”

Paper and pencil, only, but still just as precious as a fabric and stitch version.

And boy was she delighted when I told her we could make a real one.

(And boy was I delighted that she wanted to!)

She picked out the fabrics. (From Bonnie and Camille’s Bliss line for Moda)

I did the pinning with a little help from the boy.

I did the pedal, too. (She can’t reach it).

She guided the fabric, oh so carefully. I loved every minute.

And then, of course, it was naptime, which gave Mommy plenty of time to put the finishing touches on it. (Binding is Spirit by Lila Tueller for Moda).

It turned out so cute, I’m tempted to keep it, except for the look on her face when I gave it to her.

Over the moon.

Turns out, that’s how I feel about teaching her, too.

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