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Crossroads Quilt Along with Fat Quarter Shop

CrossroadsRaise your hand if you’ve ever heard of the Fat Quarter Shop. Oh look! Everyone’s hand is up. :) Well, I’m popping in to give you a quick head up on the Crossroads Quilt Along. From February-August of 2016, Fat Quarter shop will post free patterns for each block in the quilt. They ask that you donate what you would have paid to March of Dimes instead. Isn’t that sweet?


I’m going to play along and make the blocks from my fabric collections, but FQS also has a kit in their shop from Fig Tree’s Strawberry Fields Revisited fabrics, isn’t it pretty? Fat Quarter Shop has asked me and a bunch of other designers and bloggers to sew along, and today they asked that we share a little about a “crossroad” in our life.

Crossroads1One of the difficulties I faced as a young adult was a major health problem. This was a shock to me, as I was a very, very healthy child and teenager. So when I found myself exhausted and sick just months into my marriage, I was upset and unsure how to handle it. I went to doctor after doctor, only to be told there was nothing wrong. Some were even willing to tell me it was all in my head. The more I arrived at dead ends, the more determined I was to figure out what was going on. Finally, I decided that the only person that could figure out my health was me. I did loads of research, read articles and journal publications. I looked into every possible medication, side effect, alternative remedy, herb, homeopathic, oil, supplement and vitamin. I asked for blood panels to be done testing many levels that aren’t “standard” procedure. I went to specialty doctors, naturopaths, massage therapists, and endocrinologists.


When I finally began to trust my intuition and stopped handing my health over to other people, I began to find answers. I told my doctors my suspicions and findings and they were good enough to research with me, and were surprised when I told them things they didn’t know. All in all, my crossroad took me nearly a decade to get through, but I can say now that I know my body, what went wrong, how it happened, and that it is now fixed. I am proud of the things I learned, that I was willing to trust myself even when everyone else thought I was nuts, and that I figured it out and allowed my body to heal. I am a much better mother to my children because of it, and I believe they will be healthier as well.

What difficulties have you faced? What was the turning point in those difficult circumstances? How did you come out triumphant?

I can’t wait to sew along with you next year, and learn more about you!




Mini Charm Baby Bib {free tutorial}

MiniCharm Baby Bib by April Rosenthal

Hello friends! As part of the #minicharmpackchallenge over on Instagram, I designed a baby bib pattern.

MiniCharm Baby Bib by April RosenthalSo simple, you’re going to want to make about a billion of them,

MiniCharm Baby Bib by April Rosenthaland give a few to each new baby you meet.

MiniCharm Baby Bib by April RosenthalIt’s a fun quick project,

and a great excuse to buy those ridiculously adorable mini charm packs.

(Not that we need an reason though, amIright?)

Basically, it goes down like this:

MiniCharm Baby Bib by April RosenthalLay out 16 mini charm squares, in rows of 4.

MiniCharm Baby Bib by April RosenthalStitch those rows together, press seams in alternating directions by row. (AKA, 1st and 3rd rows press to the left, 2nd and 4th? Press to the right.)

MiniCharm Baby Bib by April RosenthalStitch rows together. Press seams to one side.MiniCharm Baby Bib by April RosenthalLay patchwork on top of a microfiber or terry washcloth. (I got a pack of 8 at my local grocery store for under $5) Only, center it on the washcloth…I just put mine like this so you could see both parts.

MiniCharm Baby Bib by April RosenthalUse a small bowl or large cup to mark rounded edges,

MiniCharm Baby Bib by April Rosenthaland a neck hole.

MiniCharm Baby Bib by April RosenthalSet bowl aside.

MiniCharm Baby Bib by April RosenthalCut on lines.

MiniCharm Baby Bib by April RosenthalGet 1 yard bias tape.

MiniCharm Baby Bib by April Rosenthal(Bias tape can be purchased in packages, or made. I made this by cutting bias binding at 1 1/2″ and then pressing both edges to the center, and pressing in half.)

MiniCharm Baby Bib by April RosenthalPlace bias tape along neck edge. you can pin in place, or use a glue stick. Stitch down, making sure you catch the edge on the backside. For this reason, I chose to use a decorative stitch, it’s a little wider. Trim bias tape at the edge of the bib.

MiniCharm Baby Bib by April RosenthalPlace (pin or glue stick) bias tape along the remaining raw edge of the bib, leaving an equal amount of “tie” on each side. You can either fold the end edge under, or tie a knot in each side, an inch or so from the end. :)

MiniCharm Baby Bib by April RosenthalStitch down.


Literally, you could make 3 or 4 of these in an hour, and only use 2 mini charm packs and a few washcloths!

Perfect last minute baby gift.



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Goody Goody Binding Kit

gg4I made this adorable pouch in a few hours one night two weeks ago. Literally, it came together super fast, the instructions are nice and clear, and hey, it turned out adorable, so that’s a plus. gg7I used Meadowbloom to make it, and I love that I got to use a big enough piece of the text print, that I can actually read the text!gg6Miss Vanessa Goertzen of Lella Boutique fame designed this little pattern, and lucky for all of us, it’s a FREE tutorial on her blog. She did a little collaboration with the Fat Quarter Shop, and filmed a video or two of some techniques in case you’re, for example, afraid of zippers. :) Also, check out #goodygoodybindingkit and #goodygoodysewalong on Instagram to see along or see other people’s kits. There are some darling ones out there!
gg3Let me be clear: this was SUPER EASY. As in, I’ll be making these for basically everyone for Christmas. If you’re my mom, mother-in-law, sisters, craft night ladies, or other sew-y type friends….pretend you didn’t read that.
gg1You should make this, because it’s fun, it’s cute, and gosh darn it, you need to sew for yourself sometimes.
gg8Plus, it has a pocket for treats.gg2Another thing: how nice is it to have all the supplies for binding in one place, that ISN’T a ziploc bag? (<—Guilty.)
gg5Tutorial is here. Head on over. :)



Best. Day. EVER! Free Appliqué Pattern


As promised in my Moda LOVE post, here’s the fun appliqué pattern I used on the back of my quilt! The pattern is formatted for fuseable web appliqué, and measures a whopping 13” x 32”. It’s pretty big, but I thought it was fun for the back of my quilt. Of course, if you want to take on some tiny appliqué, you could always reduce it by 50% and make a really fun pillow for your couch! (If you do that, send me pictures, I want to see.) If you’re new to appliqué, check out my tutorial here. It will help, I promise. :)

Click here to download the free pattern.

And remember! The Moda LOVE blog tour is still going strong, with a giveaway at every stop! Be sure to follow along and enter. I’ll announce my winner(S) on the 13th.

Happy Wednesday!



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