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New Meadowbloom Patterns!

Meadowbloom Fabric by April Rosenthal for Moda
Since Meadowbloom is shipping soon, I thought I should introduce you to my new patterns! I have 4 new patterns this time, and I honestly can’t decide which I love most! I can’t wait to show them to you, and hear which YOU love best! (Warning: Picture OVERLOAD ahead! ;)

First up, Johnny Jump Up!


I adore this quilt, it was the first one I designed for this group. Jacob said I was crazy when I showed him, that it was beautiful but “a lot of work!” Meadowbloom Finals-20But everything that’s worth something takes a bit of work, right, and I happen to know you quilters have mad skills. So I’m not worried. You’ve got this. :) Meadowbloom Finals-17Regular piecing or paper piecing options are both included in the pattern. Depending on if you choose Low Volume or Scrappy, it can be made with Layer Cake Squares or Fat Eighths. Meadowbloom Finals-13I love how different the two versions look, just by changing up the alternating squares. Meadowbloom Finals-12The scrappy quilt, I quilted with a cool angled  x pattern, the texture is awesome. Meadowbloom Finals-10I quilted the low volume quilt with a fun spirals and circles pattern. Meadowbloom Finals-9It’s such a contrast to the angles and straight lines of the quilt itself. Meadowbloom Finals-8I can’t wait to see your versions!

Next is Building Blocks!


This one is about as quick and easy as they come!Building Blocks quilt pattern by April Rosenthal for Prairie Grass PatternsMade with 5″ charm squares and some fun background fabrics, this is a fantastic baby quilt that you can make up in an evening.
Literally.Building Blocks quilt pattern by April Rosenthal for Prairie Grass PatternsAnd it turns out so fun every time! Another awesome thing about this quilt?Building Blocks quilt pattern by April Rosenthal for Prairie Grass Patterns You don’t have to piece the backing! If you’re quilting this quilt on your home machine, you can get away with a single piece of backing fabric.Building Blocks quilt pattern by April Rosenthal for Prairie Grass PatternsIf you’re working with a long arm quilter, you can check with them to see if they need more room to play…but either way, you’re going to get a kick out of this quilt. Building Blocks quilt pattern by April Rosenthal for Prairie Grass PatternsSO, start collecting charm packs my friends, because this is one quilt you’re going to make over and over and over.

Of course, because I’ve been thinking about baby for the last year, my next pattern is a great car seat cover and swaddler. Introducing Cuddly Car Seat! Cuddly-Car-Seat-Pattern-FinalI adore this pattern because it’s so DARN useful! Of course, the car seat cover is useful for keeping little tiny ones out of the sun, away from prying eyes, and giving a little quiet place for a nap. And, who can resist a Jelly Roll project? The swaddler is awesome because it has holes in it so it can be a permanent blanket in the car seat. This is SO nice for windy of chilly weather! Simply buckle in that little sweetheart, and then wrap the blanket around them. They’re safely buckled, and also nice and warm. Gotta love that.

Solstice-Paper-PatternFinally, there’s Solstice!
Solstice Quilt by April Rosenthal for Prairie Grass PatternsIt is a stunning beauty of a quilt that makes me just so darn happy.
Solstice Quilt by April Rosenthal for Prairie Grass PatternsBig blocks and seams that nest make this go together quickly and precisely.
Solstice Quilt by April Rosenthal for Prairie Grass PatternsThis quilt reminds me of fireworks in July, sprinklers in August, bonfires in June. Solstice Quilt by April Rosenthal for Prairie Grass PatternsI literally can’t stop looking at it. Solstice Quilt by April Rosenthal for Prairie Grass PatternsIt’s a square throw sized quilt, with just 16 blocks to make. Solstice Quilt by April Rosenthal for Prairie Grass PatternsI’m going to need a two color version in solids just as soon as possible. Solstice Quilt by April Rosenthal for Prairie Grass PatternsMade with fat quarters friends, so break out those bundles and get sewing! Solstice Quilt by April Rosenthal for Prairie Grass PatternsI always think I can’t possibly love another quilt more than my last one, and every time, I’m wrong. I love this quilt. Love.

I’m so happy to share these with you, and I can’t wait to see all the beautiful quilts you will make! Thank you so much for sharing this amazing hobby with me, and making it so fun to do what I do every day. You truly are the best.

New patterns are in the shop. Mwa!



Dahlia Quilt: my ROYGBIV quilt


My good friend (and fellow Moda designer) Amy does a fabulous online quilt festival called “Bloggers Quilt Festival.”


So much fun! Here’s my entry into her ROYGBIV category.


This is my quilt called Dahlia.


This quilt was inspired by a panel quilt that my mother in law hand quilted for me and my husband when we got married back in the day.


I remember looking that the Dahlia design on the panel and trying to figure out how to recreate the design through piecing–without Y seams.


Finally, this year, I had a chance! It has been a quilt design I’ve wanted to make for a very long time.


I figured, the perfect opportunity to make my Dahlia quilt was with my very first fabric line! So, when I got my sample yardage of Best. Day. EVER!, I was SO excited to make this quilt. (By the way, Best. Day. Ever! is in shops now!)


Sadly, I was also in the middle of a book deadline, and I wasn’t able to do much of the piecing.


Amanda of Westwood Acres bailed me out big time and pieced the blooms for me, and I did the appliqué work and the quilting and finish work.


This quilt pattern is also in my shop, along with templates, if you’d like to make your own.


I adore this quilt, and I hope you do too. Thanks for stopping by!



Kathy’s Scrap Basket

My friend Kathy made this quilt for her baby girl, using my Grammy’s Scrap Basket pattern, and Hometown by Sweetwater for Moda. It turned out totally darling, don’t you think?

I got to machine quilt it, and it was pretty darn fun. Plus, we did a little cheating on the raw edge applique–Kathy just glue sticked the letters on, and I sewed them on while I was quilting! So quick and easy! I did little bitty loop-de-loops in the white borders.

Some fun swirly flowers in the outer borders.

I traced each of the strips with wavy lines to emphasize the woven pattern.

Thanks for letting me quilt your sweet quilt, Kathy!



PS Did you enter the giveaway? We’re still not at 100 entries yet, so I’m starting to think I might get to keep that Marmalade! (In other words, go tell your friends to enter. If they don’t like fabric, I’m sure they could give it to you. :)


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