Downloadable Two Week Menu Plan


Today on the QuiltCast, Amy and I talked all about Quilt Backs (to piece, or not to piece?), Wide (108″) backing fabric, quilting disasters (you really should hear about the time I unpicked a queen size quilt…) and finally, we talked about our go to items in the kitchen.

The kitchen, you say?

Why yes. Because in addition to being quilters and designers, we’re also moms and humans. :) Gotta eat sometime. And staying healthy and balanced is KEY for my creativity to flourish. So. Kitchen tools were our top 5 this week. One of the tools I mentioned that helps save my sanity is this sweet little PDF I use to keep our menu and food choices organized. It’s so nice to have it up where everyone can see it–then they know what they are having for dinner and what their snack choices are without asking me 26 billion times per day. Also, the items I purchase that I need for meals haven’t mysteriously disappeared by the time I need them. Win-Win I say.

Thought I’d share the PDF with you, in the hopes it will make your world just a little more happy. :) And while it’s not quilting related, I figure, if you’re organized in one place, it just frees up time for more sewing, amiright?

Download the Menu Plan PDF by clicking here.


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Last Minute Printable Valentines
{no sugar added!}


The kiddos and I just finished up their Valentines, and boy did they turn out fun.

02122013E02122013CI was really going for something “punny” that they could understand–that didn’t involve a food/candy item.

As it was, I told them what I thought we should do, and two days later Beckham came up to me laughing and repeating the punchline.

02122013FGive him a break, he’s five. (And really, really, cute.)

02122013DLily, well, she asked for tape for Christmas. Enough said.

02122013AShe was thrilled when she counted everything out and realized that she could keep two of these.

02122013BA couple packs of paper straws or little tape dispensers (washi tape would be cute, too…) and some cardstock in your printer, and you’re all set. Just click on the link below to download and print.

Last Minute Printable Valentines



PS I actually cut my hearts out with my Silhouette Cameo. If you want me to post that file, I’d be happy to. Just let me know. Also, the super cute washi tape on the valentines came from a free downloadable set I found here. Head on over there to download and use them yourself. They’re super cute.

Free Halloween Printable Bunting & Gift Tags

My gift to you this anniversary week? (Besides the giveaways, of course) Free printables!

I scoured and searched to find a Halloween banner that was me, you know? But I just struck out all over the place. So I thought, hey! How’s about I make my own!


Of course, I thought it was way too fun not to share, so here it is for you too.

Halloween Printable Bunting Banner

Just right click and choose save. (You’ll need to download the newest Adobe Reader if you don’t have it already. Don’t worry, it’s free.)

Open it on up, print, cut out, attach to string, and VOILA!

Something to hang in front of the TV that will drive your family crazy. (Kind of like the fingerprints all over the TV. Could you ignore those? I have 2 3-year-olds, yo.)


Also, there are these fun matching gift labels that I designed for my mom’s blog, Gracious Rain, a couple years back. They’re even fillable, so you can put your own name on them! I printed these on standard 30-to-a-sheet labels, but you could put them on regular cardstock and just cut them out, too.

I printed my banner on matte photo paper, using the “photo” setting on my printer, if you wanna know.



PS Don’t forget to enter the giveaway!

PPS Day 5 of Quilt Uber-fest is over at Mrs. Schmenkman’s Quilts. Don’t miss it! (And if you’re following along, remember to upload pictures of your blocks to the Flickr group. We’d love to see them!)