Monday morning.

I know a lot of people have a hard time with Mondays.

Turns out I really like them. I mean, of course it’s not fun to clean up from the fallout of the weekend. But I enjoy being able to have a fresh start, see how much better this week can be than the last one. I guess it’s like starting a new year, only on a smaller scale. A more manageable scale.So! Today, my plan is to take back some library books, return a swimsuit (or two!) that just don’t work (thanks Costco!), dream up some new projects in the hammock while the kiddos ride some bikes, and hopefully (crossing fingers) put a few plants in the ground. I know it’s crazy late, but the weather has been so ridiculous around here, I’m only now starting to trust that the snow might not come back for a few months.Send some good weather vibes my way, would ya? I’d really like some flowers in my flower beds, and a few veggies in my garden. (And NOT what happened last year.)

What are YOU doing on this lovely Monday?




Thought that would get your attention.

I’m so excited to be able to work with Josephine Kimberling’s Just Dandy (Robert Kaufman) for one of my upcoming patterns. It’s beautiful! I mean, I love it in the pictures online, but seeing it and working with it in person is another thing entirely. It’s simply intoxicating. The prints play so nicely together, and there’s just enough unpredictability in the colors to make it really, truly unique. (That yellow? Swoon.)

So, to celebrate spring (yay!) and to reward you lovely people for being patient with my lack of attention around here, a fat quarter bundle, just for you.

I’m not above bribery.

To put your name in for this little pretty, leave a comment telling me what your favorite color (or colors!) are to create with. If you want more than one entry? Follow me on Twitter, like on facebook, subscribe to the newsletter, or the feed, tweet about it, blog about it. Technically, my friends, you could get in to win this thing 7 times. Oh, and if you’ll leave a separate comment for each entry (and link me to your post/tweet if you did those), that will help me make sure you get counted the right number of times. If you’re already following/friending/liking/subscribing/whatever, just tell me that in the comment. Totally still counts!

Winner will be chosen Friday, May 6th.

In other news, I’ll be listing some of my extra precut fabrics in the shop in the next day or two. Gotta do some spring cleaning in my studio. Seriously. The place is overflowing. Besides, I’m fairly sure you guys can always find a place for Bliss, Fandango, City Weekend, Simple Abundance…just to name a few. A couple of these lines haven’t been easy to find of late. You could get lucky! Keep your eyes peeled.

Next week? New patterns! I can hardly wait to show you the amazing work Natalia did on the quilting. Honestly? That girl is a machine quilting goddess.

Mwa! (And get those entries in!)



December 25th {Merry Christmas}

Quiet and calm

After all has been seen

Gifts unwrapped

Little bits of love


In carefully wrapped


All is calm

And bright.

Children sleeping

The longest day

In threehundredandsixtyfour

Now behind them.

The lights still


But nostalgically now

As if they know

They’re now a part

Of memory keeping

And not anticipation.

The music plays


Fading as the evening

Draws to a close.

And when the light


We will welcome

December 26th.

Although it’s been said many times many ways…

Merry Christmas.


I’ve been thinking about finding joy in this holiday this week, mostly because a sweet friend of mine taught a wonderful lesson in church on Sunday about finding joy in our lives. It got me thinking all about when I feel joyful (not nearly often enough), why I feel joyful when I do, and how I can feel it more often.

My conclusion? I am the stifler of my own joyful experiences.

Of course, I think all of us will admit to being more stressed than we should be, too distracted from the “important” things, and generally living the crazy life: kids, jobs, bills, keeping things afloat. And while certainly the execution of daily events can make or break a joyful experience, that’s not what I’m talking about. When I say I stifle my own joy, this is what I mean.

When I find a solution to a problem that seemed completely insurmountable only hours before, but I don’t allow myself to feel the all-encompassing relief and divine gratitude for my answer because I’m afraid I’ve misunderstood and something will still go wrong.

When I refuse to smile and laugh with my toddlers and their silliness because minutes before they were being stubborn and disobedient and I’m still angry about it.

When I get ready in the morning and ignore makeup or earrings (which I love) because I don’t like that my jeans are a little on the snug side.

When someone surprises me with something thoughtful and I refrain from reacting enthusiastically in order to avoid looking silly.

When I pout for hours (or days!) about an assumed slight, which of course I later find I completely blew out of proportion.

I could go on, and on, and on–and I don’t think I’m the only one.

You don’t have to raise your hands, or confess anything here, but think about it. Are you having a Merry Christmas? Are there things about your attitude that could change the way your world looks right now? Because even though my shopping isn’t done (or even started!), my Christmas tree is a bit lopsided, and I have yet to make goodies or dance with the kiddos to a rousing rendition of Jingle Bell Rock, I happen to know that my Merry Christmas starts right here with me. My head. My willingness to be joyful. To feel joy.

No one is going to make my life joyful, my Christmas Merry. Except for me.

I appreciate the reminder.

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