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How much will you charge to design my Blogger Blog/Wordpress Theme/Baby Announcement?

I work on a strictly hourly basis. This means that instead of giving you a flat cost up front, I charge you for the work I do by the hour. A typical Blogger redesign averages about $200 (but have been anywhere from $100 to 300), while a typical WordPress theme runs $450-500 (but have run between $250 to over $1000).  My hourly rate is currently $75. The hourly rate does not include any font or stock image purchases. If you choose to use those, they are in addition to my hourly fee. Minimum charge, 30 minutes ($37.50).

Can I pay by check/credit card?

I invoice all jobs through Paypal, which allows you to pay with any debit or credit card, as well as electronic funds transfer (EFT) from your bank if you have verified your bank account with them. If you prefer to pay by check, your job will be delayed until all funds have been received and have cleared the bank.

When do I pay for my design?

To be placed in the web/blog design queue, I require a $100 deposit. The balance of your account must be paid before final installation/file delivery. Deposit amount for announcement and print design is $50.

How long does a design take?

Of course the answer to this depends on the scope of your project. Obviously, a baby announcement will take less time than a WordPress theme. However, I do my best to have your design finished in 12-15 business days. If you need something sooner, you can pay for a 10 business day rush ($100 fee in addition to design rate) or a 5 business day rush ($300 rush fee in addition to design rate). Any sooner than 5 business days is subject to my schedule and will incur increased rush fees.

When is your next available design slot?

I am usually booking about 6 weeks out. For the current available slot, check on the sidebar to the left under “Queue”.

Do you do logo design?

Yes! If you would like to work with me to create your perfect logo, just ask!

Can you make my blog/theme/announcement look just like so-and-so’s?

I can, but I won’t. Besides the fact that in some cases it’s illegal, I don’t like to be a copycat. You aren’t so-and-so, and there are unique things about you that should be included in your design. I will work with you to create a design that is yours. We can certainly look at sites and designs you like and incorporate elements that have a similar feel, but let’s keep things original.

Will you install my WordPress theme for me?

Definitely! I need to install your theme to verify that everything is working the way we anticipated. To do this, I will need FTP or sever access, which you will provide during the design process.

Will you print my announcement for me?

Sadly, I am not equipped to print high quality announcements, and would hate for your beautiful design to be ruined by my silly inkjet printer. So,  I can do all the design work for you, and then you can either print the announcement like a photo, or take the digital file to a professional printer. If you are having a professional printer produce the announcements for you, be sure to talk to them before working with me, to get details on size, bleed, and color profiles.

How come the colors look different on my laptop than on my desktop?

All computer screens are different, and display color differently. What may look like a lovely terra cotta to me, may end up a mud brown to you. There are a limited number of “web safe” colors that appear consistently across monitors–but they are fairly basic. If you choose to use colors besides these, you will have to understand that they won’t look exactly the same on every screen. For this reason, I strongly suggest you provide digital swatches of colors you would like to use, so we don’t spend 3 days going back and forth on exactly the right shade of yellow. Check out www.colourlovers.com or www.kuler.com for some great color palettes.

My blog is broken, can you fix it?

Possibly, but I can’t guarantee anything. If you’ve had previous custom work done on your blog, the best person to fix something broken is the person who created it. That said, I can usually tell fairly quickly if it is something I can do. Contact me if your blog is broken, and I’ll check it out.

Can you help me get more traffic on my blog?

Aside from the fact that your blog will be much more pretty to look at, I can’t guarantee you more traffic. I am not an SEO expert. I can point you toward several plugins that may help and put social media links in your sidebar– but if you’re serious about generating more hits, you’ll want to hire an SEO professional.

Will you help me install WordPress?

Yes, I will. Installation time is charged at the same rate as design time. You will need to provide me with server access, which you can do during the design process. I only do installation for design clients.

Can you make a theme for my WordPress.com blog?

No, sorry. WordPress.com blogs are all hosted centrally and are not able to have custom themes. To use a custom design for a WordPress blog, you must be using self-hosted WordPress.

What is a self-hosted blog and how do I get one?

A self-hosted blog or website is a site that uses your own domain name and server, instead of a central server and “branded” domain name. For example, a branded domain name would be http://yournamehere.blogspot.com, or http://yournamehere.wordpress.com. All free blogs are hosted on a central server and are not self-hosted.  A self hosted site would be something like http://www.yournamehere.com, and you would pay to own that domain and also pay to have storage space on a professional server. There are many ways to buy your domain name and hosting using services like godaddy.com, yahoo.com, etc. My personal favorite hosting company is Bluehost. If you purchase your hosting through them, they include your domain name as well, so you don’t have to worry about transferring or redirection.

Do you do shopping carts?

Generally speaking, no. I have done simple shopping carts based on basic plugins before, however they were Paypal only. If you are looking for a complex shopping cart with multiple payment options, I’m probably not your girl. My strengths are in design rather than coding.

How do I get started?

Go to the “Contact” page and fill out the form. I will read over your details and respond with your queue date and invoice you for your deposit. Upon payment of the deposit, you will be placed in my queue.

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