Twelve Words Block of the Month #9: September Bloom

Twelve Words Block of the Month: September Bloom by April Rosenthal

My favorite flowers are Dahlias–I love the intricate petals, the density of the booms, and the symmetry of nature. Seriously, I could stare at them for hours.

Twelve Words Block of the Month: September Bloom by April Rosenthal

Almost like a mini version of Dahlias, I also love fall mums. Mine start blooming in full right around the end of August, and last until the frost does them in in November or so.

Twelve Words Block of the Month: September Bloom by April Rosenthal

I love how they start blooming right when the other flowers start quitting, giving up because of the slight chill in the air.

Twelve Words Block of the Month: September Bloom by April Rosenthal

That’s how I want to be. I want to bloom, even when things aren’t perfect–in fact, I’d like to bloom because I’ve decided that anytime is the perfect time.

Twelve Words Block of the Month: September Bloom by April Rosenthal

Bloom where (and when) you’re planted, chickadees.





Cut the following:

(5) dresden wedges

(1) of each template echo (A, B, and C)**

(1) 12 1/2” linen square


**You may choose to cut these pieces out using fuse able web, as they will be raw edge appliquéd to the final block. I chose to cut them without webbing to avoid stiffness in the block, and just used temporary fabric glue to affix them prior to sewing. Also–I cut out my “Echo” pieces freehand to match my dresden points and valleys exactly…but I figured telling you to freehand it would probably stress some people out. So, there are templates. If you need to adjust them to match up with your individual wedges, by all means, go ahead. :)



Fold the wedge pieces lengthwise, right sides together.


Stitch along both the top and bottom edge. clip the inside corners, being careful to avoid the stitches.


Turn the pieces right side out, flattening the stitched edges to make a point on both ends. Press.

Stitch the wedge pieces together by putting right sides together along the long edges. Press seams open or to one side.

september bloom-11

Temporarily affix or lay out echo pieces on the block.

Begin with Echo C,

september bloom-12

then Echo B,

september bloom-13

then Echo A.


Place partial dresden on the top. Temporarily glue or pin pieces in place.september-bloom-18

Stitch the pieces in place, using a 1/16” topstitch. I chose to do a 2nd stitch on the dresdens, 1/8” away from the first stitches.


Trace (or eyeball :) the swirls coming from the flower, and stitch them using a running stitch.


Trace the word “BLOOM” and stitch using a backstitch.

september bloom-15

Download the template pieces and embroidery pattern, here.

Twelve Words Block of the Month #8: August Encourage

Twelve Words Block of the Month: August Encourage

August. It’s all about swimming pools, and sunshine. Am I right or am I right?

Twelve Words Block of the Month: August Encourage

So naturally, this block just had to be made from a nice pool aqua, and golden sun yellows, and some orange too, for the sweltering heat.

Twelve Words Block of the Month: August Encourage

Here’s the thing. By the end of August, I’m almost always at the end of my hot weather rope. A girl can only take so much sweating to death in the dry arid desert mountains. (<–Utah.)

Twelve Words Block of the Month: August Encourage

So that first little chill in the air that hits right around the end of August? One of my favorite things ever–because fall? Best season. Of course, Spring, Winter, and Summer are the best too.

Twelve Words Block of the Month: August Encourage

Turns out I’m a season girl.

Twelve Words Block of the Month: August Encourage

I love that the seasons always manage to change just when I think I can’t stand another day of cold, or hot, or mud, or wind.

Twelve Words Block of the Month: August Encourage

It keeps me excited and looking forward, encouraged, to know that change will come, and bring fresh new days with it.




Cut the following:

(12) 3″ orange squares

(12) 3″ yellow squares

(24) 3″ aqua squares

(1) 3″ x 12″ linen rectangle

(2) 1-1/4″ x 2-1/2″ aqua strips

(2) 1-1/4″ x 11″ aqua strips


Pair each yellow square and each orange square with an aqua square.encourage-01

Mark a diagonal line on the wrong side of all yellow and orange squares and stitch on either side of the marked line, or use my HST Hack method to make 2 Half Square Triangles from each yellow/aqua and orange/aqua pair. Square up the HSTs to 2″.


Stitch HSTs into (6) yellow/aqua and (6) orange/aqua pinwheels. Make pinwheels by arranging as shown, stitching top two and bottom two HSTs together, pressing seams in opposite directions to allow the seam to nest. Stitch rows together. Square up to 3-1/2″. Set aside.encourage-09

Mark a 10-1/2″ x 1-1/2″ rectangle on the linen rectangle using a disappearing marker. Using the templates provided, applique the letters in the rectangle you just marked. Square up rectangle to 2″ x 11″.


Stitch long aqua strips to both sides of linen word strip. Press toward aqua. Stitch short aqua strips to top and bottom of linen word strip. Press toward aqua.


Lay out the pinwheels as shown, stitch together in columns, and then stitch columns together.


Finish assembling the block by stitching pinwheel sections to bordered word strip.


Finished block: 12-1/2″ x 12-1/2″

Download the block letters here.

Twelve Words Block of the Month #7: July Grow


So. July.

Came and went in a hurry.

Twelve Words BLock of the Month-34But.

With the help of a sweet, sweet friend, I managed to do a bit of growing. Meaning, she literally shoved me out of my comfort zone. So far, it’s been awesome. Can’t wait to show you some of the results.

Twelve Words BLock of the Month-35Also, my garden grew.

Twelve Words BLock of the Month-36A lot.

Twelve Words BLock of the Month-37Are there awards for the largest zucchini? I think I might could take first, second, and third place.

Twelve Words BLock of the Month-38xoxo


PS Did you miss any of the other Twelve Words Block of the month blocks? Here you go, friends. Click here.

Twelve Words BLock of the Month-39Instructions:

Cut the following:

(1) 8″ Linen Square

(4) 4″ red squares, cut once on the diagonal to make (8) triangles

(1) 7½” Navy Blue Square, cut twice on diagonals to make (4) triangles

(4) 3½” navy blue squares

Trace and embroider the word on the center of the linen square. Square up to 6½”.


July2Make (4) flying geese by sewing a red triangle to each short side of a navy triangle.

July3Lay out the block.

July4Piece the block in rows, pressing out on the top and bottom rows, and in on the middle row.

July5Stitch rows together. Press.July6Makes (1) 12½” square block.

Here’s the embroidery download. :)

Twelve Words Block of the Month #6: June Delight

June Delight

Hello sweet friends!

Here’s my fun June block for the Twelve Words Block of the Month.
June Delight
I kinda love it.
June Delight
It turned out to be a delightful surprise, as I had a different block planned and finished for June, but when I put it alongside the previous 5 blocks, it just didn’t jive, you know what I mean?
June Delight
Turns out that block will work out better later in the year, and this block works perfectly now.
June Delight
Sometimes, the most delightful surprises aren’t the ones you planned. They aren’t things you control or expect.
June Delight

As your faith is strengthened you will find that there is no longer the need to have a sense of control, that things will flow as they will, and that you will flow with them, to your great delight and benefit.

Emmanuel Teney

June Delight
I think I’m going to plaster that on my wall somewhere. For the less-than-delightful surprises.


PS Let’s make this block, shall we? Miss the previous blocks? Here you go: January, February, March, April, and May.



(12-15) fabric strips in widths between 3/4″ and 2½” wide.

(1) 3½” x 18″ linen fabric strip (for middle strip)

(1) 10″ x 4″ dark colored rectangle

(1) 12½” x 12½” piece of lightweight paper (I used newsprint.)


Use a glue stick to temporarily adhere your linen strip across the paper square, on a diagonal, making sure it is evenly centered.

Block6CPlace next strip right sides together and sew to the right edge of the linen strip.

Block6BPress away from the linen.

Block6DContinue placing, sewing, and pressing strips to cover the newsprint out to the corner.

Block6ERepeat on the left side.

Gently tear away newsprint paper.

Block6FApplique word using your favorite method. (Tutorial for machine applique using fuseable web, here.)

Block6GTrim the block to 12½” square, being sure to center the linen strip on the diagonal.

Download the template for the word here.

Post pictures in the flickr group. :)

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