Geared for Guys Book Tour: Switchback

So. Here’s my quilt called Switchback. I made it because my friend Emily is having a little blog tour (with a giveaway at the end) and asked if I would. Since my own husband has been neglected in my quiltmaking, I let him choose which quilt I made, just for him. He is pretty pumped, because this quilt will be long enough to cover his toes when he takes a nap. Apparently throw quilts are a pet peeve of his, never long enough to put over arms and toes at the same time.

It’s super cute, and even a bit masculine, if you can believe that after all the girly stuff I do all the time.

Thanks to Emily, and her fun book Geared for Guys, my guy might just his own quilt one of these days.

He gave some specific guidelines regarding colors–when I asked him what colors it should be he said: Green, Orange, Pink, and Blue. Also brown. Oi. This guy likes to challenge my color skills.

I’m loving how it’s turning out, though. And when I asked him where he got the color scheme from, he said from his family of course. One color for each of us. Green for him, pink for Lily, Blue for Beckham, and orange for me. Of course. (Awww. Too cute. He never gets all sentimental and mushy like that.)

The original pattern calls for solids only, but I’m a rebel and threw some prints in there. I like it a lot.

I only have the middle of the quilt top finished, not the borders, because I have to ask you guys a question. Take a little poll, if you will.

The original quilt calls for white borders. I’m thinking of doing green instead. Since this will be used as a nap quilt, and loved and abused quite a bit, I think green borders are more…prudent? Also, I like to get wild every now and then.

So, let me know what you think. White? or Green? If it helps, I’m binding it with this awesome orange plaid, and backing it with a green and brown woven flannel.

Also, guys? You should totally buy Emily’s book. There’s about a billion (give or take) cool quilts in there, all of them super versatile and fun to make. If you can believe it, I think you’ll find something in there to make for anyone–guy or girl.

Oh, and as for the pictures, well, we’re on vacation and I was all excited to get a picture of my quilt taken in a new, exotic-to-me place. The wind, however, wasn’t anticipated. We ended up taking some pictures in a parking garage. The things I do, seriously. People were looking at me and old Mr. J like we’re certifiably nuts.(<—They might be right.) Oh, also, you’re getting unPhotoshopped photos today, since husband’s laptop doesn’t have Photoshop. Who knew? (sigh. sorry.)

Today we’re taking the kiddos to Disneyland. Wish me luck. (Pssst! All orders won’t be shipped until I get back, on Saturday–just like I mentioned in my last post. Thanks for being patient!) Also, for those of you who have contacted me about the coupon code not working today, you’re right. It expired on Saturday, as the sale went through 12pm so I had time to ship before I left.



PS: This post brought to you by a really tired, been-in-the-car-with-kids-for-too-many-hours, mama who just needs some sleep. Pardon the punchiness.

PPS: Make sure you follow the rest of the blog hop, the schedule is below–and check out the posts the ladies before me did too. They’ve made some seriously cool quilts!

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Sept 16: back to Emily for the giveaway!


PPPS: Tell me what you think! White borders, or green?


Parcheesi: Quilting Pattern #116

Hey friends! I wanted to post today and spotlight Parcheesi, and tell you a little more about it. Plus, I wanted to post a little treat for you guys, as a YAY for being featured on Moda’s Cutting Table blog today. (Stick around till the end of the post for the code, wink, wink.)

So here’s the thing. I’m basically obsessed with little tiny squares. Nearly every time I design a pattern, I end up scaling the individual blocks larger so you guys don’t really really hate me.

But Parcheesi came around, and I just couldn’t bring myself to omit the 1″ squares in the center of each block. (They’re not that tiny, right?) They just remind me of neat and tiny little garden. No idea why.

Then, of course, there’s the scrappy sashing. I just adore it.

I quilted it with these giant, overlapping chrysanthemums. Seriously. Took. Forever. But I think the quilting plays nicely with all the little tiny squares. (<–they’re not that tiny.)

Originally, I was going to call it Tile Garden, but it just didn’t stick. My Mom suggested Parcheesi, and I had to look it up, because I’ve never actually played.

She insisted it reminded her of an ornate Parcheesi board, and well, I really like cheese, so there you go. :)

The fabric I used in this quilt is Flora by Lauren + Jessi Jung for Moda. Not sure it’s out there much anymore, but this quilt would be GORGEOUS in their new line, Birds and Berries. SERIOUSLY, have you seen that purple? (You can find it here, here, here, here, and here.)

So, even though there are just a few (cough, cough) squares in this quilt, you should make it. Because the individual elements are each rather simple: straight lines, except for some flying geese.

And heck, it packs quite a punch when all is said and done.  You might even end up obsessed with little tiny squares like me. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

Through Friday night, Parcheesi is on sale for $6 in my shop! Plus, get 15% off your entire order with code CHEESI. Be sure to get your orders in quick–I’ll be out of town next week–so if I don’t see your order by Saturday morning, it’s not going to ship until NEXT Saturday the 15th. Or, just get the PDF version. :)

Have a great Wednesday!


PS I talk a bit about my current patterns, spill a few secrets about upcoming patterns and stuff on the blog, and answer some fun questions over at Moda’s Cutting Table today, go check it out!

Longarm quilting: Kathy’s Mother-in-Law Sampler Quilt

I got a chance a while back to custom quilt this sampler for my friend Kathy–who made this for her Mother-in-Law for Christmas (how nice is she?). I learned a TON while I was doing it, including that it is impossible to make good looking straight lines without a ruler. (Good thing Kathy is patient with me.)

I did something different in every block, and had a lot of fun with it. In the borders, I did feathers, wishbones, and stacked ovals. This was actually the first quilt I tried feathers on, too. About a billion pictures follow, including some fun shots of the back.

Hope you’re having a fun week! I’ve been fighting off a nasty head cold/bug. Not so fun.




Using these little charm packs to make a quick and easy (and just a little out of my comfort zone) quilt.

The colors are right up my alley, and so are the prints.  I’ve been a fan of Lotta’s long before she was creating fabric. In fact, I think I still have a stationery set from a few years ago on my Amazon wish list. :)

Ignore that this quilt needs to be pressed. There’s only so much daylight. The part that’s out of my comfort zone? That stretched me as a quilter just a bit this week? The asymmetry–and not just a little asymmetry, but a whole quilt full of it. I think it’s interesting that something can still be balanced even though it’s not the same on both sides.

I’m also working on deciding what baking project is worthy of these beautiful eggs from the chickens around the corner. (Thanks Sue!)

I’m working on living up the rest of the summer at the farmer’s markets with a fairy princess.

And her bodyguard, Batman. (Dang, they’re cute.)

I’m also working on a project with this…

Using a whole bunch of these–because hey. Soccer season just started. I’m chillin’ at the field 3 evenings a week and twice on Saturdays. Plus, Halloween is one of the best holidays around.

I’ll keep you posted.

What are you working on?



PS Fabrics are Bella by Lotta Jansdotter for Windham Fabrics and Happy H”owl”-o-ween by Deb Strain for Moda

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