Baby Boy Shower

My sister had a baby boy last week, but before he came we threw her a big party.

Complete with sailboats and sharks and starfish.

And lots and lots of treats.

(Yes, I picked out all the pink and purple m&ms. I’m weird like that.)



virtual shopping spree

Instead of spending all my money today on a bunch of really cute stuff, I’m just going to show you all the things I would spend my money on today, if I were going to, um, spend all my money on really cute stuff. Yeah, I’m not feeling super creative with the words right now, can you tell? (All pictures from the linked sites referenced.)

First up, these absolutely darling ruffle scarves that I found over at You Love Deals. They’re only there through today, and really, for $12.50? Must. Resist.

A half yard bundle of Flea Market Fancy, because I am absolutely, irrevocably in love with Denyse Schmidt.

Then there are the spring tops. I’m loving these thin, lacey tops and camisoles.From J. Peterman

And this one, from Eddie Bauer, but I want it in Almond.

This wallet. (Those COLORS <3)

These shoes. Pink snake print? Um, yes.

This top. (Fossil is killing me.)

This skirt. Orange. Grey. Sigh.


Also, a half yard bundle of Curious Nature. It is just way too manly, rugged, and sophisticated at the same time to pass up. Thanks Parson Grey/David Butler.

I’d love to day that’s all I’m trying not to put in my shopping cart today, but I’m sure I could find something else if you give me another few seconds.

What are you wishing you could buy right now?


on quiet

The house was quiet this morning. So quiet, in fact, that the only sound I could hear was the humming of my sewing machine, and the soft brush of my fingers against the fabric as I finger pressed. Every now and then the dogs would sigh or snore, and after a while I turned on Pandora. Quietly.

I love quiet. Something about it makes me infinitely more able to concentrate, more creative, more grounded, and settled in my thoughts and dreams. Over the years, I’ve been in many places and situations where I was allowed the privilege of quiet–school, workplaces, and even my home before kids came. Now, quiet ebbs and flows. Sometimes I get more of it, and sometimes less–and it’s always obvious to me when I’ve had “less”–because that’s when I start feeling a little crazed, a little burned out, and a lot overwhelmed.

On the other hand, just a few hours can make a HUGE difference. For example, last week I was in that burned out place. You know the place I’m talking about, where everything is just a few degrees h  arder than you want it to be, where things that aren’t usually a big deal suddenly are, and in a big way. When you can’t muster up the energy to do anything but get by. Then, Monday morning happened. I had nearly 3 hours to myself, and a better breakfast in my system than I’m used to.

If you follow me on Facebook or Twitter you know what happened: 11 pieced quilt backs, several works-in-progress finished, a quilt put on my longarm, and several other projects started. And not only did they get done, but I was happy and running to do it. The house got cleaned more thoroughly than usual, and menu for the week was made. I’d love to say that everything on my to do list and everything in my world just magically fixed, happened, was effortless–and though that’s not the case–things just felt lighter, easier. More surmountable.

I’m starting to realize the importance of realizing how I recharge, and harnessing my world to take advantage of those times. For Pete’s sake, I know how I get burned out–it makes sense to know how I regroup, too. I have a hunch that this same thing applies to most people, especially most young moms, who find themselves in the midst of a life that is all about extending yourself to accommodate, nurture and enrich everyone around you. It’s not even that I feel like I’ve forgotten to take care of myself as much as it is that by the time I remember, I have nothing left to give to the effort. It’s easy to imagine that I’m the only one who drops into bed at the end of the day and thinks “Maybe I’ll get a few minutes tomorrow to sew/eat/shower/dream/think/plan/organize/be happy tomorrow. I’m done today.” But I know I’m not the only one, and that’s why I’m writing this–as a gentle reminder.

Take a few minutes. Center yourself. Figure out when you can have a few hours to rejuvenate–whatever that means to you. Consider it a little spring cleaning for your soul.



PS Hugs and kisses to Miss Lily, who let me photograph her “clean pretty bedroom!” for my post. There’s just something calming about lamplight, don’t you think? I happen to believe I can’t feel “quiet” inside without some major cleanliness outside. But that’s a post for another day. Mwa!


Machine Quilting: Edge-to-Edge flowers and leaves

Back in November, I machine quilted this fun little baby quilt for Stephanie.

She’d pieced it a long time ago, and thought I could try out my new machine on it.

I had a lot of fun doing an edge-to-edge flower and leaf and swirl pattern, mimicing the little daisies in the background.

I should have realized it would look a little Christmas-y on the back with the red thread, but hey, red and green are complimentary, right?

Thanks for letting me play with it, Steph!

I am having WAY too much fun with my longarm.

In related news, I’m finishing up the last of the prototypes for my spring patterns, and then they’re off to the testers! Wooo!

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