Learning to Longarm Quilt: Part one.

I’ve been a bit distracted from the blog for a bit, and here’s why:

I know, right!?

A few weeks ago I got a bee in my bonnet about machine quilting all the quilts I have piling up around here. I wanted to quilt them myself, but pushing them through the teeny tiny throat space on my regular Bernina was giving me headaches, literally. I don’t know if I’m abnormally short when I sit, or my table is abnormally tall, or I’m just abnormal altogether (wait, I know the answer to that one…) but I always ended up with really tight neck and shoulder muscles, and that ended up giving me headaches. And with the quantity of quilts going on around here…well, you get the idea.

Then, while pondering the magicalness (I know, not a word) of longarm machines, I decided to start researching. My husband knows that’s pretty much the kiss of death for all normalcy around here. When I start researching, there’s no stopping me. Of course, I found the machine I wanted, had all the stats and breakdowns figured out, and even found an incredible deal. By the end of the week, the delivery date was set. The only explanation is I’m crazy.


It was delivered last Monday, and all I can say is that I’m completely and totally smitten. Also, I’m really surprised to find that the learning curve has worked quite quickly in my favor. I’m putting my third quilt on the rails this afternoon.

I hope you don’t mind if I bring you along as I learn to use this lovely machine.



What’s going on around here.

Seam twirling.

Keeping dry.

Lots and lots

of playing

with beautiful


Football playing with Uncle Dane.

(Train them up young.)



Hand sewing.

Keeping our toes warm.

What’s going on in your world?


Just popping in to share some of the decorations I have going on around here. I got smart this week and decided to bribe the goobers. For every 5 “chores” they did (Put this away, put that in the trash…) they got to put up one decoration. Now, my house is clean and decorated to boot! (Score one point for mom!)

How’s your Halloween decorating coming?

PS You can print your own bunting just like mine here.

How about them apples?

I just have to say: there is something incredibly, immensely, overwhelmingly satisfying about growing your own food. I know I’ve said it before, probably more than once, but seriously, I can’t get over how awesome it is to plant a little seed, and get so much in return.

Plus, I’m quite proud of my little apple tree! Only 3 years old and producing me these amazingly beautiful apples? Great work little tree!

I love that I’m going to make applesauce with these, knowing they haven’t been sprayed with chemicals. Knowing they are safe and wholesome for my kiddos. I’m a sucker for stuff like that.

You know what else is awesome? Not one worm. Not one bug.

Apples. Just one more thing I LOVE about autumn.

Happy weekend!

PS: Thanks for all the love about my magazine pattern! You guys are the best. (It hit stands on Tuesday!)  xoxo

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