Happy Anniversary Week!

Yay! It’s been one year since I launched Prairie Grass Patterns, and boy has it been a ride! Some of you have been here with me from the beginning, and some of you are brand new friends–and I’m so grateful to all of you. I can’t tell you how much it means to me that you would give a little bit of your time and caring to support me and my dream. Really, truly, it just…there aren’t words to describe it. But thank you. Sincerely.

Enough with my jibber jabber…let’s get on to the party part!

Giveaways galore this week–so let me explain. Before I show you the goodies, here’s how it’s going to work: A comment on this post will get you your first entry. Any comment you leave on other posts this week (Today, October 3 through Sunday, October 9th) will earn you additional entries. Winners will be chosen Monday, October 10th.

Here goes!

There are 3 AMAZING giveaways this week, something to suit each level of quilter–from beginner to very advanced.

Beginner Basics

A copy of Elizabeth Hartman’s The Practical Guide to Patchwork

Rotary cutter, mat and ruler (Yes, those are mine, but I’ll send you new ones, I swear!)

Charm pack: Countdown to Christmas by Sweetwater for Moda

Stash Builder

Fat quarter bundle from AdornIt! in their newest line, Vintage Groove, Grey colorway.

Layer cake: Jovial by Basic Grey for Moda

Jelly Roll: Spirit by Lila Tueller for Moda

Charm Pack: Clothesline Basics by Darlene Zimmerman for Robert Kaufman Fabrics

Quilting Queen

Russian Rubix

Fat Eighth bundle: Ruby by Bonnie and Camille for Moda


There they are! The three amazing giveaways I have for you this week. To enter, tell me which of the three prizes you would LOVE to win.

And that’s not all…

“Like” Prairie Grass Patterns’ Facebook Page for a chance to win an additional Grand Prize! If the Facebook page gets to 300 followers, I will do a special Grand Prize giveaway next week, so be sure to share with your friends!

Finally, for Happy Anniversary week, use coupon code HAPPYWEEK to get 20% of your ENTIRE ORDER in my shop! Code expires 10/10, so be sure to use it quick. (And you just might notice, PDF PATTERNS ARE HERE!!)

Hooray for Prairie Grass Patterns, and for one year anniversaries! Be sure to check in all week for more fun freebies, recipes, and tutorials, plus my day to share my block for the Quilt Uberfest is coming up too. Today it is Karen Linton’s turn, with her block “South for the Winter.” Head over to get your free PDF!

Five things you should know about starting a business.

One year ago, I released my first 6 patterns. I can’t believe that it’s only been a year. It feels in some ways like it’s been so. much. longer. I mean, when I stop to think about everything that has happened in the last 12 months it seems crazy. On the other hand, there are so many things that I still feel so inexperienced in–especially on the business side of things.

It’s been a crazy journey from the get-go, and I’ve learned A LOT. In hindsight, there are some things that I would have done differently, and things I’m glad I stuck to my guns on. Here are five things I’ve learned:

  1. If you want something, ask.

    I have been amazed at the overall generous response from companies when I ask for things. This isn’t because I’m a big deal, at all, because I’m pretty darn new to this whole thing, and most of them have probably never heard of me or seen my work. But here’s the thing: they want their products used and talked about and out there as much as I want to use their product. It’s really a win-win. It doesn’t hurt at all to ask. The worst they can do is say no.

  2. Triple check.

    Whether it’s making sure you have enough fabric before you start quilting all night, or triple checking that you are sending the right file to the printer, it will save you a lot of time, frustration, and heartache to double and triple check things. Of course, this applies to things like having each pattern tested thoroughly, but also applies to spell checking, hiring people, and receiving information over the phone.

  3. Kindness works better. In every situation.

    Whether you’re asking for something, complaining about something, or declining an opportunity, there is absolutely no reason for meanness. Just remember, someone has contributed their time, talents, creative energy to whatever it is you’re complaining about/declining/asking for. If you jump in with guns blazing and words spewing you may get what you want, but you won’t be a better person for it. And certainly, you will have hurt/offended/disheartened another human being. If nothing else, it’s karma, baby.

  4. Learn from your mistakes.

    You will make them. They will embarrass you, haunt you, and follow you around for a while. They will inspire mean emails (see #3), make you want to quit, make you question the sagacity of starting your own creative business in the first place. They are also an incredible opportunity to grow, if you can work through them. Acknowledge your mistakes, publicly if necessary, do what you can to fix the situation, and then do everything in your power so you don’t make the same mistake ever again.

  5. Be fearless.

    You have worthwhile things to share with the world. Starting a business, especially as an artist or creative can be emotional, and scary, and can make you feel more vulnerable than you ever imagined possible. However, there is also nothing like seeing your work make someone else deliriously happy. Be courageous and put your best foot forward. Don’t be afraid. You can do this.



PS A week full of Happy Anniversary fun starts on Monday–including some giveaways you won’t want to miss!


A couple months ago I had the pleasure of meeting Scott, of Blue Nickel Studios, at spring Quilt Market in SLC. He was kind, and gracious, and even had a beautiful quilt being shown at one of the manufacturer’s booths. A month or two after that, he emailed to ask if I’d like to participate in a little project he was putting together. I said “Count me in!” and the rest is history.

Introducing Quilt-Uberfest!

For the first 16 days in October, one of 16 different quilty bloggers will share an original block with you. Scott sent us the fabric (more on that later), and a set of guidelines, and said “Get to work!” So we did, and now we’re (almost) ready to share them with you!

Here’s the lineup:

Oct 1 John Adams  (Quilt Dad)

Oct 2 Kaye Prince (Miss Print)

Oct 3 Karen Linton

Oct 4 Konda Luckau (Moose on the Porch Quilts)

Oct 5 Amy Lobsiger (Mrs. Schmenkman Quilts)

Oct 6 Ryan Walsh (I’m Just a Guy Who Quilts)

Oct 7 Scott Hansen (Blue Nickel Studios)

Oct 8 April Rosenthal (<—that’s me! Prairie Grass Patterns)

Oct 9 Cara Wilson (Cara Quilts)

Oct 10 Heather Jones (Olive and Ollie)

Oct 11 Susan Sobon (Chickenfoot)

Oct 12 Jan Peoples (Sew Sow in Love)

Oct 13 Erin Singleton (Two More Seconds)

Oct 14 Charlie Scott (Qubee Quilts)

Oct 15 Emily Cier (Carolina Patchworks)

Oct 16 Rachel Locke (Sweetteamom Designs)

Be sure to follow along and get each of the block patterns each day. They will be available at each blog as a PDF download. Plus, I think there just might be a giveaway at at least one of the stops. Just sayin’. The Uberfest button in my sidebar will bring you back to this post so you can get back to the list quickly each day.

Happy fall!

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