A couple months ago I had the pleasure of meeting Scott, of Blue Nickel Studios, at spring Quilt Market in SLC. He was kind, and gracious, and even had a beautiful quilt being shown at one of the manufacturer’s booths. A month or two after that, he emailed to ask if I’d like to participate in a little project he was putting together. I said “Count me in!” and the rest is history.

Introducing Quilt-Uberfest!

For the first 16 days in October, one of 16 different quilty bloggers will share an original block with you. Scott sent us the fabric (more on that later), and a set of guidelines, and said “Get to work!” So we did, and now we’re (almost) ready to share them with you!

Here’s the lineup:

Oct 1 John Adams  (Quilt Dad)

Oct 2 Kaye Prince (Miss Print)

Oct 3 Karen Linton

Oct 4 Konda Luckau (Moose on the Porch Quilts)

Oct 5 Amy Lobsiger (Mrs. Schmenkman Quilts)

Oct 6 Ryan Walsh (I’m Just a Guy Who Quilts)

Oct 7 Scott Hansen (Blue Nickel Studios)

Oct 8 April Rosenthal (<—that’s me! Prairie Grass Patterns)

Oct 9 Cara Wilson (Cara Quilts)

Oct 10 Heather Jones (Olive and Ollie)

Oct 11 Susan Sobon (Chickenfoot)

Oct 12 Jan Peoples (Sew Sow in Love)

Oct 13 Erin Singleton (Two More Seconds)

Oct 14 Charlie Scott (Qubee Quilts)

Oct 15 Emily Cier (Carolina Patchworks)

Oct 16 Rachel Locke (Sweetteamom Designs)

Be sure to follow along and get each of the block patterns each day. They will be available at each blog as a PDF download. Plus, I think there just might be a giveaway at at least one of the stops. Just sayin’. The Uberfest button in my sidebar will bring you back to this post so you can get back to the list quickly each day.

Happy fall!

What I’m Working On…

I can’t even stand it anymore, I have to show you this.First off, I have to say I’m biased a bit toward this fabric. I mean, I did the printing and website for Sarah Jane for nearly 2 years. Not to mention that Sarah is one of my sweetest, most talented friends, and she’s right here in town with me! So really, I HAD to make something from her first fabric line, Children at Play, for Michael Miller.

And if you must know, I couldn’t just stop at one something. I mean, there’s a boy colorway and a girl colorway. What’s a quilter to do?

Plus, this quilt was BEGGING for some old style topstitching. Because again, this fabric was just too darling not to.

Both versions should be quilted, bound, (and ironed, ahem) in the next few days, and then, more (better) pictures. Promise.

What are YOU working on right now?

September 11

Ten years ago.09112011A

I was standing in my workout clothes in the middle of the gym.


Surrounded by televisions blaring different channels, overhead music on the speaker system, and the clanking and slamming of weights being lifted and dropped.

I remember wondering why all the sudden it was quiet.09112011D

Why everyone had gathered around one television and the music had stopped.09112011E

We all stood there, staring up at the wall-mounted TV.09112011F

At 20 years old, I wasn’t truly sure what I was looking at, or what it meant.09112011G

How it would impact anything, everything.09112011H

I watched live as the first tower fell.09112011I

We carpooled back to our homes in silence.09112011J

When I got home I turned on the radio, told my mom what was going on.09112011K

I got the radio on just in time to hear about the second tower, and then the Pentagon.09112011L

I stayed glued to the radio until I was late to work.09112011M

I worked at a bank at the time, which of course was a tricky place to be in the middle of a crisis. We had to be there. To be confident and appropriately “cheerful”. To help people not panic and pull all their money. There was absolutely no options for staying home, or even keeping abreast of the news. Having a TV on, or even the radio was not an option. To say I was frustrated is an understatement.09112011N

Later that day, I went to attend class at BYU. They were all canceled.

Although I did not suffer personal loss in the events that day, it was perhaps the first time I felt connected to a community outside my own. Connected in a way that defied distance, ideology, or age. And when, eight years later, I was able to stand in New York City for the first time, I wanted to somehow tell those people there that I knew. That I had seen and remembered. That despite the fact that we were complete strangers, we were neighbors, too. Brothers. Sisters. That back home in a little city, we were praying for and loving them. Putting messages on our billboards. Raising money. Because that’s what people do when they love each other. They take care of each other.

We remember, New York City.

And we love you, too.



PS Billboard pictures were taken with a black and white film camera one year after, out the window of a moving car. Pardon the focus.

He Zigs She Zags Public Service Announcement

I’ve recently reprinted my He Zigs She Zags pattern with some updates and corrections. If you are a shop that has a current stock of this pattern and would like replacement “insides” sent to you, please email me your shop name and mailing address along with a picture of the quantity you have on hand. If you have purchased a copy of this pattern for yourself and would like a pdf of the new version emailed to you, please email me a picture of you holding your pattern, and I will send you a pdf of the corrected version.

My email address is april @ prairiegrasspatterns.com

Thanks so much for your support and understanding!



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