Farmer’s Wife Quilt-a-Long: Playing Catch Up (Week 6)

I didn’t get 4 done like I was hoping this week. Only three. But at least that puts me at making positive progress, not getting more behind. At this rate I’ll be caught up by week 11, which is still fine by me.

I’m having fun with these. A LOT of fun.


I’m starting to wonder if I should incorporate some solids in here. Some of these blocks could stand to have a bit more contrast, or perhaps just a showing off of a single print at a time. I wonder, would it look weird to start throwing some solids in now?

I guess I probably should anyway, simply because I’ll run out of my sweet Hope Valley before the end if I don’t. And that would be a disaster of epic proportions.

Or something like that.

Your thoughts?

April’s total blocks made: 7

How many to catch up: 5


still waking up

Printable poster from Sarah Jane


It was a long night. With two little sickies and a thunderstorm, I think they were up at least every hour. You all know that kind of night, for whatever reason: kids, insomnia, stress, weather, illness. You also know I bet, what the morning feels like after one of those nights.

Scratchy eyes, oversensitive ears, a temperament that’s less than pleasant, everything is overwhelming. Kind of Exactly like you’re walking around trying to be conscious while your body is still asleep. It takes a while to wake up on these mornings.

I’ve been thinking about this concept though, in the creative arena. How it takes a while to “wake up,” so to speak.

As a business owner, I’m fairly new to the scene. My first patterns were just released last fall. I’ve been to market once. I’m still in that “just waking up” phase in regards to meeting people, blogging, and marketing. Taxes make my eyes hurt, and my temperament less-than-pleasant. My ears can get oversensitive to other people’s opinions, and yes, things can get overwhelming sometimes.

In other arenas, though, I feel like I’m fully awake (finally!). I’ve been designing things for others for years, but am finally hitting my stride and solidifying my own style. I’m in a place where I like what I design, and know what I don’t like, even if it’s popular. My ears aren’t as worried about criticism these days, and my eyes can pick out what’s not working pretty quickly. Designing makes me happy, especially when I can really take the time to do it just right. I do still get overwhelmed on occasion, but it’s not a constant state anymore, and it’s not a despairing overwhelmed, it’s a life-is-so-full overwhelmed. (My darling friend Sarah just talked about this, here). When I feel like that, my sweetheart Jacob will always remind me to just do one thing at a time, intentionally, and with focus. Whatever the most important thing is.

Turns out, that’s usually playing Candyland with the sweeties, eating something healthy, pulling out my pencils once they’re in bed, then hitting the stacks of fabric.

Oh, and assigning all the Quickbooks work to Jacob.

Maybe that’s the solution in both the “I haven’t had enough sleep” mornings, and the early mornings of a new endeavor. Take it one thing at a time, on purpose. Step-by-step, waking up a little more with each action.

You know what I mean?



freedom, baby

Phone picture. Obviously.

A blue raspberry pina colada Sno cone, a barbecue, a carnival, fireworks, and a whole lot of Popsicles. I ask you. What could be better than the 4th of July?

Freedom to do all these things, and the safety and security I have always known living in this amazing country, that’s what.

Happy Independence Day, United States. I sure do love ya.

living the farm life: farmer’s wife quilt-a-long

It’s a little (a lot) embarrassing to admit, but sometimes I jump on bandwagons more because it’s the popular place to be and less because I like where the wagon is going. I’m really hoping I’m not the only one.

The Farmer’s Wife Quilt-A-Long. Yep, I got sucked in, and only 5 weeks behind. Luckily, this particular bandwagon is going EXACTLY where I want to go. Plus, I’m in great company. Camille, Sheri, and many more are all doing it too! Makes being a crowd follower a little easier to stomach, if you know what I mean.

I’ve always loved the idea of a sampler quilt, and when I saw this one, well, let’s just say I’m willing to cut into my stash of Hope Valley. That’s saying a lot. For the record, I think if I could only use one fabric line for the rest of my life, Hope Valley would be it. Plus, If I had my way, I’d be living in a farm house in the middle of nowhere. This book is an awesome resource for making my case to the powers that be.

Okay, ignore the wonky basket handle. I was trying a new stitch. Not my best idea ever.

So, here are the first 4 blocks I’ve finished. I have 4 more cut out and burning a hole in my…ironing board? Whatever. I just want to make them, and quick. I’m hoping to do 4 a week instead of 2 until I catch up.

They may or may not be just a little bit (a lot) addicting, and a little bit (a lot) more fun than other things on my to do list(s).

Are you on the bandwagon?


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