While the title of this quilt brings to mind an ill-fated romance, it also applies to my three-year-old twins. A boy and a girl, they share a lot of things (including a room), and have differing opinions about everything. So, when it came time to start dreaming up a quilt that would work on each of their beds and also cater to their ever-blossoming preferences, He Zigs She Zags was born. You could use a precut to get the scrappy look, or raid your stash. The nice thing for me is, the room looks coordinated because the pattern is the same for each of their quilts, but the colors and applique vary. And, of course, when the two three-year-olds love to get in their beds because of their “pretty new quilts”, Mama’s pretty happy too.

This was the first of my quilts that my son saw for the first time and said, “Oh Mom! I lubb it!”

I think it might just be my favorite so far, too.