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Making the cut.

This week, I’ve been making the final fabric selections for the covers of my quilting patterns, to be released September 1st. This is definitely more difficult than I had originally expected. Turns out, each of my quilt designs has a distinct personality (to me, at least) and choosing a new fabric to make it in is like telling your calm, quiet child to put on a little exuberance for the neighbors.

Is it a sign of insanity when one talks about her fabric creations like they are flesh-and-blood children?

Don’t answer that.

Despite my hang-ups about fabric selection, its been very exciting to really discover the new fabric lines that are coming out this fall. To really look at them up close, pay attention to the smallest of details. As someone who would love to one day design fabric, its like my own personal mentoring lab. To look at the scale of the patterns, the color interplay, the repeating themes, the trends, the things that work so well it’s obvious the designer has done this a million times, and the things that don’t work at all—only to discover why they absolutely work upon further inspection–is inspiring and a little like having a room full of other designers cheering me on.

Whether they really would in real life, I have no idea. But I’d like to think that these women, these designers, would.

It all comes back to that quiet, calm, inspiring energy that I try to surround myself and my sweethearts with–that energy that only exists when there’s nothing but support for one another, positivity for success (even when it isn’t your own), and a willingness to teach others about places you’ve already been, things you know how to do.

That is the way I feel I’ve been tutored by these women this week, through their fabrics. And whether they know it or not, they have a new friend.

Thanks ladies.